Context Driven Development

Context Driven Development (CDD) summarizes in many ways the design ideas I have previously written about in this blog:
  • The Context Switcher pattern adds the concept context to OO. This pattern is now improved in CDD so that state and behaviour are fully separated.
  • The Chained Creator pattern is used in CDD to improve the way state is built.
  • CDD has been inspired by the State guard pattern. I regret that I called this a pattern even if it solves an important problem. The cleaner separation between state and behaviour in CDD is more refined and solves the same problem in a more elegant way!
I started to play around with these patterns to see if they could be improved and used together and found that they could. I also found that manually maintaining all the code needed to integrate the different parts was both difficult and tedious!

When I came up with the idea to let the code generator Laja solve the integration problems I realized that I had something! Read more about the CDD design paradigm here.


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